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GENUINE Staples $10 off $20 Online or In-Store Coupons
ITEM #I: Online Code (regular-priced item) ITEM #II: In-store Coupon

GENUINE Staples $10 off $50 Online or In-Store Coupons
ITEM #1: Online Code (regular-priced item) ITEM #2: In-store Coupon
ITEM #3: Lot of 10 online coupons ITEM #4: Lot of 5 In-store Coupons
ITEM #5: Lot of 10 in-store coupons ITEM #6: Lot of 20 in-store coupons

GENUINE Staples $25 off $75 Online or In-Store Coupons
Availability and price vary.
ITEM #7: $25 off $75 Online Code (regular-priced item) ITEM #8: $25 off $75 In-store Coupon
ITEM #9: $25 off $75 Online or In-store Coupon

Be aware of the following when you use multiple 16-digit coupons with the same starting 5 digits:
1. in-store redeemption
There is no limit on how many coupons can be used per account. You can use as many as you want in the same account.
2. online redeemption
You can only use one coupon per Staples account during a certain time window. If you want to use multiple coupons, you have to change accounts or use guest checkout. Read Regarding "coupon already redeemed" error message at staples.com for more information.

Regarding "coupon already redeemed" error message at staples.com:
If you see this error message, the reason may be that you have ALREADY used another coupon with the same starting 5-digits in your account before. Staples coupon policies "limit one coupon per customer", and coupons starting with the same starting digits are considered by Staples as the same one; hence you see "coupon already redeemed", while in fact the coupon has never been used yet. Staples.com uses the cookies stored in your browser to prevent you from using another coupon starting with the same 5-digits. In order to use the coupon anyway, please clean all staples.com cache and cookies in your browser, or try a different web browser, AND use a different rewards account or guest checkout.

*Valid in Staples® U.S. stores, online at staples.com®, or by phone at 1-800-333-3330. Minimum purchase requirement of $50 (for $10 off $50 coupons) or $75 (for $25 off $75 coupons) must be met with purchases to which no other coupon or instant savings offer applies. Tax and shipping are not included in calculating the minimum purchase. Excludes Daily Deals (for $10 off $50 coupons). Not valid on desktop or laptop computers, LCD/LED displays (for $25 off $75 coupons), tablets, netbooks, Apple® products, Bose® products, Amazon Kindle®, NOOK®, Epson ink and toner, custom printing orders placed online, all Copy & Print self-serve and computer workstation, gift cards, mobile phones and mobile phone services, Staples® EasyTech professional-grade and on-site services, depot repair and parts, phone cards or postage stamps. Each item purchased can only be discounted by one coupon, applied by cashier in order received and prior to tax. Coupon not valid if purchased or sold and must be surrendered. No cash/credit back. Not valid on prior purchases or on purchases made with Staples® Procurement or Convenience Cards.

++Order Page Snapshot with Instructions++
Only some clicks away will you be able to obtain your coupons shown on the screen or sent to your email.

Three ways to get your coupon right away
1. On Screen:
When you click "InstantBuy" in Step (c) below, you will be lead to Paypal checkout page, while the ordering page is still open (don't close it). Once you finish Paypal payment, come back to the prvious page and you should be able to see your coupon there (you may need to refresh it).

2. From Paypal transaction:
After finishing Paypal payment, you can go to Paypal transaction details, where you can find a link in the description section. Click it and you will see your coupon out there.

3. In your Paypal email.
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